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BDI Wear Parts 4000lbs Capacity Forklift Lifting Hook, Forklift Lifting Hoist with Swivel Hook, Forklift Mobile Crane Hook, Heavy Duty Forklift Attachments for Lifting Bag

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  • 4,000lb Load Capacity: The forklift mobile crane hook's huge load capacity, which enables you to lift loads up to 4,000 lbs, is made possible by its tough construction.
  • Design for Forklift: The forklift lifting hoist hook's strong, heavy-duty steel construction assures that it won't break or deform. The black powder coat guards against fading and corrosion.
  • Easy to Install: The forklift hook may be placed anywhere along the fork's length, and it comes with two big T screws to hold it in place. This allows for safe forklift lifting.
  • Forklift Lifting Hook: The forklift hook comes with a swivel mobile crane hook and a security spin 360-degree latch.
  • Widely Used: The Forklift Lifting Hoist makes it simple to transform a forklift into a mobile crane. extensively utilized in industrial settings, ranches, farms, warehouses, and more.